Electric Car Charging Points Installation

Once the ugly duckling of road traffic, the clunky and unreliable electric vehicles of yesteryear are now a distant memory. Most mainstream vehicle manufacturers are now releasing electric models which are not only low or zero emission, but actually look good on the road. So the public is following suit. Over two million electric vehicles are now in use, with purchases increasing year on year. With government subsidy on offer not only for the initial vehicle outlay but also for having a charge point installed at home or at a workplace, getting involved in the electric revolution has never been easier.

Electric vehicles are more than just a trend; they are a vital evolution of transport. The emissions that contribute to smog and climate change are increasingly becoming a concern for many of us, making electric vehicles a more attractive prospect for many consumers. The key factor that has been lacking is practicality; how these vehicles can fit into busy lives. The time it takes to charge your vehicle can make some owners think twice before deciding to go electric, which is where the fitting of electric vehicle charger points comes in. For commercial or public spaces, charge point installation can mean an increase in the value of an asset. For domestic users, the time that it takes to charge your vehicle is slashed to as little as thirty minutes.

The ongoing cost savings of electric vehicle ownership are extremely attractive for anyone who embarks on the electric path. Driving 100 miles can cost as little as a few pounds, and with petrol and diesel prices continually on the rise, this has to be a consideration. As congestion charges and Vehicle Excise Duty are irrelevant for electric vehicles and service costs are radically lower, the financial savings just continue to mount up. It’s easy to see how the use of these vehicles is increasing, so make the most of it by choosing an OLEV approved contractor, like Litenow, to install your charge points and play your part in the electric revolution.



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