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Electric central heating systems use electricity to generate heat rather than gas or oil. These come in many different forms, shapes and sizes to suit various circumstances. Electric heating options include heat pumps, infrared heating panels, electric radiators, storage heaters and electric boilers

Modern fossil fuel boiler efficiency typically peaks at  around 90%, losing a large amount of heat through the flue and the pipes. In comparison, electric boilers can achieve an efficiency of up to 100% without the necessity of a flue, and heat pump efficiency extends even further to 350% or more. This could equate to huge savings in the future, particularly if you have or plan on having solar panels installed on your roof.

Heat pumps are a particularly effective and efficient method of obtaining heat from the atmosphere.Heat pumps don’t emit any carbon emissions themselves, making them a great choice for the more eco-conscious

We can supply and install infra red heating for indoor and outdoor applications, night storage heaters and heat pumps. Call for further details



We have a reliable and competitive solution for all your air conditioning needs. From basic fixed installations to more complex IT specifications and plant multi-systems.


Our specialist partner has installed installations including air conditioning systems for schools, offices and pharmaceutical facilities, multiple wall mounted and ceiling units for offices, and ducted air conditioning systems colleges and universities where effective, quiet and eco-friendly cooling is a necessity.


Systems from a wide variety of manufacturers are available and we we will arrange a site survey to determine your exact cooling requirements. A variety of systems are available including heat pump options to enable year round heating and cooling where required



.Our specialist partner provides cutting edge energy efficient and energy cost reduction solutions for businesses around the world.  The unique retrofit technologies that reduce the energy consumption of compressors in air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems by up to 40%, give outstanding returns with many customers seeing a return on investment in as little as 12 months. This technology can be implemented with minimal disruption and does not addected existing manufacturer warranties.. 

For a free site survey please contact us for further details

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