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Switch to Intelligent Lighting and Save 90% on Lighting Costs

The Benefits of Intelligent Lighting


  • Energy Efficient Light Source

  • Low Heat Output


  • Consistent performance in a wide temperature range — from deep cold to warm

  • High-quality light that does not deteriorate over time

  • Instant ON and OFF without shortening life of light source and at the full light level desired


  • Wide range of dimming options

  • Easily matched with controls that allow users to tune the light level and usage to specific applications

  • The ability to easily change control settings over time

  • The ability to leverage controls and occupancy sensing to maximize energy savings without sacrificing usable illumination

Why Switch to Intelligent Lighting?

Leading facilities are adopting Intelligent Lighting Systems because they are proven to deliver:


  • Massive energy reductions — 90% and greater — by carefully managing the delivery of light only when and where it is needed and incorporating advanced LED technology, Intelligent Lighting Systems can drive down lighting costs by 90% compared to traditional HID alternatives. The reduced heat output also reduces chiller load in climate-controlled or cold facilities, offering additional savings that can be as high as 50%.

  • More light where it is needed — The efficient and directional light provided by LED-based fittings can dramatically improve the light levels (and uniformity of lighting) in a facility.

  • Long life, reduced maintenance — With a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, the LED light sources used in high-quality Intelligent Lighting Systems virtually eliminate ongoing maintenance and regular re-lamping schedules. When matched with an occupancy sensor and intelligent control, reduced run hours further extend useful life.

  • Improved operational control — The ability to instantly update the lighting program, combined with the ability to gather detailed data about the facility’s lighting delivery, energy consumption, occupancy and more, mean that Intelligent Lighting Systems give managers better operational control of their resources and working environment.

  • Sustainability — Corporations are embracing Intelligent Lighting Systems to reduce carbon footprint, document efficiency improvements, decrease the load on their utilities, and insulate themselves from future rate increases.



As organisations evaluate how best to meet their ongoing lighting needs, while reducing energy bills and improving their green rating, these new solutions are an ideal fit.



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