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In a country where around a quarter of the year sees the sun setting before 5pm, outdoor lighting is a crucial resource in the UK. The lamp posts that line our streets, trading estates and public leisure areas play a key role in keeping daily activities, routines and services functioning.

Lighting at height has historically been costly and time-consuming to maintain. Implementing LED lighting across outdoor areas offers not only longer lasting illumination, but also lower ongoing running costs; which in turn reduces the frequency of maintenance requirements. The benefits of LED solutions for lamp post lighting is not just a practical one though, ambient outdoor lighting in social and private spaces is growing in popularity and LED lighting is both flexible and atmospheric.

External lighting, frequently using lamp post solutions, provides a number of important safety and security benefits. In urban areas, it can promote security and even increase the quality of life by artificially extending the hours in which activities can take place. To be safe for road users, light needs to be relatively constant. Consequently, lamp post lighting must be designed and structured based on a principle of uniformity of illumination. The benefit of this consideration at planning stage means that road users’ eyes are not continuously readjusting to different levels of brightness.


Control is not just about positioning, however. Daily control is key for managers of external lamp post lighting systems. Photocells now turn most lamp post lights off and on according to the actual amount of day light that is available rather than via a basic timer. LED lighting is popular due both to its energy efficiency and the ease by which it is controlled. The combination of LED bulbs and intelligent control systems enable outdoor lighting structures to support and add value to the areas that they illuminate.



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