Lighting for SCHOOLS

Building a space for learning involves a vast number of considerations: layout, colour, temperature and light all play a part. Light, especially, is key in focusing students’ attention on their study and creating a positive learning environment.  From white board learning to reading text, it is paramount when structuring lighting for schools that children and adults alike are able to learn in a space that is lit with clarity and focus in mind.

Different Lighting for Different Learning Spaces

Within a school, there exists a variety of spaces with a specialised focus, subject and area; from the science lab to the classroom, to the library or the school hall. Despite all of these different specifications, it is important that lighting helps to maintain a continuity within a stream of learning. Lighting should be sympathetic to the maturing eyes that depend upon it. A successful school lighting system should work across the campus or building in a way that offers clarity of vision which in turn fosters calmness of mind.

Save School Budget and the Environment

It is an important consideration that most schools function on a limited budget, and the efficiency of LED lighting technology offers a stream of financial savings that simply makes sense for most school budgets. Deciding on a lighting product is a key commitment for a school management team. As important as financial efficiency, the ecological impact of energy efficient lighting maintains and builds upon a school’s ecological message to its student population. The organisation is able to use this aspect to help to build a common sense of purpose within different parts of its community.

Products that help to structure a positive school lighting system need to be flexible and sympathetic to the variety of spaces to be found within a school. The key is to maintain a natural and subtle stream of illumination which functions efficiently both economically and ecologically.



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