Lighting for WAREHOUSES

Visibility, safety and flexibility should be held at the core of any warehouse lighting system.


Warehouse spaces are large, high and open. However the simplicity of space is misleading; these spaces are functional and operational, requiring efficiency and high visibility at all times. Within the larger space exists zones, storage and shelving, all of which are flexible, changeable and in use for long hours. The scale of lighting requirements for such a space must contain considerable resource and precision. Therefore lighting in the warehouse must be controlled, be adjusted and be energy efficient. Systems should construct a perfect source of lighting which illuminates all areas of your warehouse space while being mindful of energy efficiency.

Improve Warehouse Safety

Lighting in the warehouse should hold safety at its core. When a space contains so much movement of both people and stock, visibility is paramount. An LED high bay light is capable of spreading light onto both vertical and horizontal surfaces so that clarity of vision onto a floor space is as important as that of the shelving around it. Once visibility is realised, the intensity of use should be considered. Warehouse light is employed for substantial lengths of time so the source of lighting should contain levels of dust proofing in order to safeguard against any fire hazard.

Lighting That Flexes To Your Future Needs

A warehouse lighting system installed for an original layout should offer flexibility to work with future evolutions of the space. Adaptability of the area is key, and the way in which space is illuminated can dictate the degree of flexibility that a warehouse can offer to a business owner. Implementing appropriate control systems into a warehouse space allows that functionality. By combining well positioned high and low bay lighting within a warehouse lighting structure, and ensuring the systems allow the scope to be adjusted, a lighting system can future proof your space.



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