We will maintain your lighting at its best and save on costs


We provide a comprehensive lighting installation and maintenance service for indoor and outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting includes security lighting, street and car park lighting, landscape and sports park lighting, and more. Whatever the outdoor lighting maintenance requirement, we’re the lighting specialists.

Whether you require repair of a street lamp or the regular maintenance of high level lights on a trading estate, Litenow can help.

We offer a regular high level lighting service to facilities managers and electrical contractors. This enables the maintenance of high level lighting without the necessity to hire in machinery specifically for one site. Litenow can repair your existing fittings and advise on energy efficient replacements.



Fluorescent lighting can be a very efficient way of lighting the workplace. Modern T5 fluorescent lighting is a viable alternative to LED lighting where shorter operational hours are required. High level warehouses can also benefit from dimmable T5 high bay fittings to achieve huge savings.

Fluorescent lighting deteriorates over time and regular maintenance is vital to ensure correct lighting levels are maintained. We can repair your existing lighting to ensure safe levels of lighting are maintained in your premises.

We have a specialist supplier of lamps and control gear for virtually any light fitting, and can usually obtain obscure or difficult to locate commercial lighting parts within 24 hours.

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We provide many options to enable the replacement of inefficient or soon to be obsolete lighting.

Most incandescent lamps are being removed from sale and businesses are required to ensure replacements are energy efficient and effective.

Many ‘architectural’ type fittings were incorporated as a design feature during building construction. These fittings can be retro-fitted with modern control gear and lamps, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the installation whilst ensuring maximum efficiency and enhancing light output.

Old 8ft fluorescent light fittings use lamps with a high mercury content and replacement lamps are no longer available. Considerable savings can be made by replacing these fittings with modern high frequency T5 fittings.

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Low voltage lights are used extensively in the retail environment. Simply replacing 50 Watt lamps with modern LED lamps reduces running costs by 80%. Light output remains the same whilst energy consumption is vastly reduced.

Our LED spotlight systems can replace inefficient Metal Halide spotlights often used to highlight goods in the retail sector. UV is eliminated and heat output is vastly reduced leading to secondary savings from lower demand on HVAC systems.

We can advise on alternatives to inefficient GU10 fittings, outdated R39, R50, R63 and R80 lamps, and inefficient tungsten lamps such as PAR38. Call us for further details.

Inefficient halogen lamps and GU10 fittings require regular replacement due to limited lamp life. An energy efficient replacement would reduce maintenance requirements, enhance the retail display and significantly reduce costs.

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