Lighting Sensors Installer – Motion, Automated, and Presence Lighting Sensors

In commercial premises that require near constant lighting, this often ends up being one of the most costly elements of building maintenance. To help combat that cost, Litenow supply, fit and maintain a huge range of cutting edge lighting control systems.

These lighting control systems allow you to manage and control the level of light, or can even be set to turn on and off depending on the movement within the room. Fitting your office, car park or warehouse with a selection of lighting sensors can benefit your business in a variety of ways.

Energy Saving Design – Commercial Lighting Sensors

By installing and using automated lighting sensors in your buildings you are reducing the amount of energy your building is using. Not only that, but by installing sensors you are prolonging the life of the fitting itself by reducing the hours of operation, saving more on your fixtures in the long term.

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Motion Lighting Sensors – Increase Security On Your Premises

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Automated lighting sensors are an absolute must for businesses that want the utmost security for their premises. Installing presence detectors inside and outside your building can improve security, allowing any break ins or damage to be caught early, caught effectively on CCTV or prevented altogether.

Perfect for open plan offices with night staff or after hours cleaners, presence detection sensors will turn off and on as needed, and will automatically illuminate the area until it is vacated again.

Cut your Energy Bills – Presence Lighting Sensors

Installing presence detection systems in your property could dramatically reduce energy bills in underused working environments. By utilising your light fittings only when they are needed, as opposed to continually lighting the environment you can drastically reduce your lighting energy costs. Lighting sensors are an incredibly effective way of saving money on your buildings maintenance bills and investing in a brighter future for your business and your employees.

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