Switch to LED and save 80% on lighting costs


Litenow embraces the latest technology available when upgrading your lighting system, helping your business reduce costs.

Many ‘architectural’ type fittings were incorporated as a design feature during building construction. These fittings can be retro-fitted with modern control gear and lamps, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the installation whilst ensuring maximum efficiency and enhancing light output.

The presence of asbestos and other building materials will prevent the replacement of existing fittings without incurring major expense in the decontamination of affected areas.

Litenow can rebuild fittings in situ without disturbing the surrounding building fabric. We have a specialist supplier who will manufacture control gear plates and diffusers to match existing fittings.



Litenow provide many options to enable the replacement of older lighting systems, with modern cost effective solutions.

High-bay and low-bay light fittings commonly used in Warehouse and storage facilities are commonly fitted with SON, HQI or MBF lamps and control gear.

Replacing these units with high frequency fluorescent, LED or induction fittings can lead to substantial savings. Power Optimisation can be utilised to create substantial savings.

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We fit state of the art sensors incorporating microwave and passive infra red detection. The sensors are suitable for interior and exterior installation and can be set up for a variety of uses. They incorporate light sensors and can prevent operation of lighting when ambient levels are sufficiently high. We can also supply lighting sensors which connect via your wireless network giving you total control of your lighting system. When combined with an energy efficient lighting system occupancy sensors can help achieve huge savings.

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Automatic daylight harvesting systems take full advantage of natural daylight entering your building. When sufficient natural daylight enters your building through skylights or windows the lighting load can be dimmed or even turned off completely. Safe lighting levels are maintained whilst energy costs are reduced. When natural light fades the lighting system will dim back up to maintain the preset lighting levels.

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The combination of modern switching systems and high efficiency lighting will ensure lighting costs are kept to a minimum.

High efficiency lighting will ensure your business gets optimum light output from minimum cost. However, Occupancy sensor and ‘intelligent’ lighting controls can be utilised to further reduce energy consumption and prolong lamp life.

Daylight sensors and occupancy detection will ensure your lighting operates effectively, when required and without wasting energy when not needed.

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Existing 2D fluorescent lamps can be replaced with LED lamps that last longer and produce far less heat. The lamps do not flicker on start up and are particularly suited to work with presence detection equipment. Lamps can also be equipped with microwave motion sensors and emergency versions are also available. In standby mode the fittings can be set up to illuminate at 10% of light output.



Investing in energy efficient equipment makes sound business and environmental sense, especially with the easy, affordable and flexible Energy Efficiency Financing scheme brought to you by Carbon Trust Implementation Services and Siemens Financial Services.

We can help with arranging SALIX funding for public sector organisations and we have lease schemes available to assist with Capital Expenditure.



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